Since 1969 the Fire Prevention Officers’ Association of British Columbia has been providing fire safety education, training, and network opportunities to the membership of the organization. In almost 50 years we have seen our organization grow to the point where we are now recognized for our expertise, knowledge, and skill-sets by other organizations both inside and outside of the fire service.

Moving forward, my goals as President are to continue to build this reputation recognizing us as the experts when it comes to fire prevention, education, and investigation, not only with our partnering organization but also with the public.  We want to be seen as the collective voice of fire prevention officers across all of British Columbia.

We are excited to look for new partnerships and opportunities with other like-minded organizations to reduced injury, the loss of life and property throughout BC. I will also strive to continue to ensure our membership receives the training, and networking opportunities needed to be the best that we can be. For those that know me, I am a man of few words. I like to have my actions speak for me.


Gayanne Pacholzuk, President
Fire Prevention Officers’ Association of BC