Applied Visual Analytics for Fire Investigations

Hands Across the Border

February 22, 2019                                        

10am to 3pm

Training: by WA and BC Chapters of the IAAI

Cost:  $25.00, includes lunch

Event:  Friday February 22, 2019,   10am-doors open at 9:30.  

Location:  Bellingham Golf and Country Club--- 3729 Meridian St.     Bellingham, WA 98225

Class:  Applied Visual Analytics for Fire Investigations

It has been found that most humans, in processing information, do better seeing connections in information when that information is presented in a visual format. When most investigators think of visual analytics they think of massive computers, wall size screens and table tops that enable to investigators to move displays of data around at the touch of a finger. While that technology does exist, for most of us it is way beyond our departmental budgets. 

This does not mean we cannot use some of these concepts to our advantage. This class will introduce to the investigator some low tech (cheap) tools that are useful, easy to use, and effective. The class does include some hands on exercises. Attendees are encouraged to bring case outlines for use in class. 

Instructor:  Dale Zlock: National Insurance Crime Bureau


Mr. Zlock has a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology Management and is a Certified Criminal Analyst, Certified Fraud Examiner and Certified Fire Investigator (IFSAC-WA). 

Mr. Zlock is currently a Special Agent with the National Insurance Crime Bureau focusing on multi-carrier / multi-claim organized ring investigations that impact the insurance industry as a whole. Mr. Zlock has 30 years organized crime and financial crime investigative experience in both law enforcement and corporate environments, including supervisory and management positions. Mr. Zlock’s involvement in visual analytics began 20 years ago when assigned to set up the Criminal Intelligence Unit for the Washington State Gambling Commission. His involvement continued as the Chief Analyst of the Strategic and Tactical Information Department of the National Insurance Crime Bureau. In this position Mr. Zlock was responsible for the implementation of NICap (National Insurance Crime Analysis Program). This included the integration of visual analytics software to operate over the top of existing legacy data and redesigning the case management system to be compatible with the analytical software. 

Have an interesting/pertinent/public case to share? Contact me and we will try and allow some time.

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