2021 Public Education Symposium 8

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Public Education Symposium VII – Virtual Event
November 3rd 2021 – 09:00 to 11:30 hrs.


Brene Duggins – is the Fire Prevention Coordinator/Training Captain at Holly Grove Fire
Department in Lexington, NC. During her 19 years as a volunteer in the fire service, she has
shared her passion for technology and education across not only the state of North Carolina
but across the East Coast teaching the public as well as Fire Service Personnel to enhance
their own programs through the integration of technology. Most recently she has started
Ms. D's Virtual PD, which is a virtual professional development training program that
combines live training sessions and on-demand training opportunities for public school
personnel and fire service personnel. Brene is the Chair of the NC Eastern Region Fire and
Life Safety Educators Association and also is the Secretary of the North Carolina Fire and Life
Safety Educator Association State Council. Her day job is as the Media Coordinator at Oak
Grove High School in Davidson County, NC, and she is also a Past President of the North 
Carolina School Library Association.

Brene Duggins will be doing a mash up of different tools - a rapid-fire session with ideas for people to take away.
It is separated by type of resource. It is fun and everyone from beginners to seasoned educators/inspectors will
find something new.

Laura King – Like everyone else in the last 18 months, NFPA has changed the way it serves its
members and customers – fire prevention officers, inspectors, educators, chief officers. There
are more online resources, better access to codes and standards, a wider variety of online
public-education tools, and a greater emphasis on responding to global events that affect the
way you do your jobs.

Join Laura King, NFPA’s Canadian representative, for this deep dive into NFPA’s ecosystem,
updated codes and standards, online resources, programs, courses and certifications, public
education messaging and materials. Come prepared to participate, ask questions and have a
conversation about how NFPA can help you do your job efficiently and effectively!

FireSmart Program recorded presentation and Q & A session.